MACON COUNTY — The Macon County Sheriff's Office is warning residents of two phone scams that have been happening recently.

Lt. Jamie Belcher said in a statement that a scammer has been identifying himself as Lt. Jon Butts from the sheriff's office and telling the person who answers the phone that there is a warrant for his or her arrest. The phone number showing up on the caller identification is (217) 424-1321.

"The scammers have apparently 'spoofed' or disguised their phone number to make it appear as if it is coming from the sheriff's office, since that phone number is a legitimate phone number utilized by the sheriff's office," Belcher said in a statement.

Deputies are currently investigating one report of an individual that provided personal information and possibly money to the scammers as a result of the phone call, he said.

Belcher said another scam has been happening where a caller tells the person they have missed jury duty. The caller instructs the person to meet in the parking lot across from the Macon County Circuit Clerk's Office to pay a fine to avoid being arrested.

"This is a very dangerous scam to fall for due to the scammer wanting to meet in person with unknown ulterior motives," he said. "At no time would our office or the Macon County Circuit Clerk’s Office ever call an individual who missed jury duty and arrange to pay a fine electronically or in a parking lot to avoid arrest."

Belcher said the Macon County Sheriff’s Office does not call individuals on the phone to tell them that they have a warrant for their arrest.

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