Name: Danita Roseman

Occupation: Recreation supervisor for the Decatur Indoor Sports Center

Age: 27

City of residence: Oreana

You spent a lot of time this summer overseeing the Fairview Aquatic Center. What's your favorite thing about working at the pool?

I think the fun part is that we have a lot of regulars at the pool. There's a lot of people in the swim lesson program, and it's nice to watch them develop and grow so much. It's also nice just having our regulars come by and watching them have a good time. It's contagious. 

Why should people consider going for a swim every now and then?

It's something that people can do for their whole life, whether you're 6 or 80 years old. If you're having a boring day, you can just lay out and enjoy the water. It's a fun and leisurely thing to do. 

How are you preparing for the new water park to open at Nelson Park next year?

I've been to a lot of water parks, and a lot of amusement parks before, and it's come in handy when planning for this new facility. I've met with supervisors, and we've discussed what people like or don't like about water parks, and it's given me a different insight about them. We're trying to plan out a good experience for everybody. 

What excites you most about the water park?

Just having a new place to go to! It'll be something different, with a lot of different things that are going to give us more possibilities than what we had with just one pool. With a whole new facility, there will be new programs and more special events, like character parties. Those are "in" right now. 

Who are you going to dress as for the first character party at the park?

A mermaid would be perfect for the pool setting. People like mermaids. They're magical. 

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