Name: Julie Stalets

Occupation: Owner of Coffee Connection

Age: 47

City of residence: Decatur

What inspired you to open your own coffee shop in Decatur?

Prior to Coffee Connection, I worked in marketing for National City Bank. At the time, there wasn’t any locally owned coffee shops, and my business partner and I thought it would be a great opportunity. But I felt that one of us really needed to be there full-time to make it work. 

Then, in 2007 when the mortgage industry wasn't doing well, my job was eliminated. This gave us an opportunity to reconsider opening a shop, and we decided to give it a try. 

What does a regular day working at Coffee Connection look like?

I wake up extremely early, and drink coffee. Then, I go to work in either our drive through shop (2505 N. Main St) or our shop inside of Decatur Memorial Hospital. I love serving and interacting with our awesome customers, but that means that I'm also human resources, maintenance, doing all of the paperwork ... it's a lot of work!

What's currently the most popular thing on the menu?

Our customers have a lot of favorites, so it's very hard to pick only one. Some of our most popular drink items are our house blend coffee, chai tea latte, white-on-white mocha and our iced tea. 

What's your favorite thing about coffee?

I love the taste and I love the smell. The best part is getting the days of our customers started in the morning. 

Fall is quickly approaching. Do you have an opinion on pumpkin spice?

This time of the year, it's very popular. Everything is pumpkin: pumpkin-white-on-white, pumpkin chair, pumpkin white chocolate mocha. I do like it! I had a pumpkin spice latte not too long ago. 

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