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Real Estate Transfers

Source: Illinois Department of Revenue real estate transfer declaration sheets were submitted with the deeds recorded in the Macon County Recorder's Office. Dollar amounts represents the net sale price. Documents processed in October.


1735 S. Albany Place, $90,000, Ruth A. Powers to Darlene A. Elliott

4784 Arbor Court, $102,900, Leroy Willmirth and Norma J. Willmirth to Steven M. Fink and Sharon E. Fink

7 Arizona Drive, $75,000, Fidel Mata and Tara Mata to Daniel L. Roberts and Kimberly D. Roberts

3388 E. Cedar St., $58,000, heirs and devisees of Michael A. White, deceased, to Jacqueline M. Brinkoetter and Thomas A. Brinkoetter

1652 E. Cleveland Ave., $23,000, V. Craig Brueggenmann and Carolyn A. Brueggenmann to Megan R. Miller and Debra A. Miller

1907 Cooper Drive, $129,500, Dennis A. Durbin to Bradley Barding and Kimberly Barding

602 E. Decatur St. and 1435 E. Lawrence St., $10,682, Andrew R. Hendrian to J&D Team Holdings LLC

3344 N. Dell Oak Drive, $199,900, Joseph and Sarah Stroud to Mark and Jeanette Flenner

1704 W. Division St., $58,400, Janna Drew to Vincent and Kathleen Donahue

3889 W. Division St., $114,900, Katie Robinson to Kayla Beights

1454 W. Greendell Drive, $167,500, Ted E. Lyons and Theresa M. Lyons to William M. Kules and Lori A. Beane

1453 E. Hickory St., $4,000, Prairie State Bank to Beamax Services LLC

14 Hilltop Drive, $97,000, Teresa K. Price to Craig W. Calhoun

4252 Huston Hills Road, $117,900, Scott D. Neal to Domingo Hernandez-Ramirez and Raquel Hernandez

765 E. Johns Ave., $5,341, Andrew R. Hendrian to J&D Team Holdings LLC

1050 Lincoln Park Drive, $8,000, Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgage Association to Kristen Bunch

864 S. Martin Luther King Drive, $13,000, estate of Clarence Walker, deceased, to Herman N. Woodley

1461 Masters Lane, $140,000 Tresne Kay Kaufman, trustee of Patricia A. Daniels to Edwin M. Abla and Janice H. Abla

4648 Mission Drive, $153,000, Dennis R. Drew to Andre L. Vorties and Angie R. Vorties

2285 N. Monroe St., $7,000, Emily J. Baldwin to Danny P. Smith

936 E. Moore St., $4,750, PSB IRA 1105 to J&D Team Holdings LLC

1304 E. Olive St., $29,500, Corey L. Steiling and Adam Herbert to Krystal S. Bennett

251 Oxford Drive, $170,000, John Frederick Coen Jr. and Vickie Lynn Coen to Daniel J. Moore and Terrilyn J. Moore

7 E. Pepper Ridge Court, $64,500, DeWitt Savings Bank to Christina Hall

845 E. Riverside Ave., $4,000, Prairie State Bank to Beamax Services, LLC

11 Tanager Drive, $22,000, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Steve E. Halford and Tammy S. Halford

4404 Waterford Court, $200,000, Mary Jean Hastings, trustee, to Roger Metzger and Claudia Metzger

2355 Wilcox Lane, $94,900, John R. Clark to Richard S. Oliver

1976 E. William St., $5,341, Andrew R. Hendrian to J&D Team Holding LLC

1939 S. Windsor Road, $41,200, Alice Gould to Donald Matthew Richardson


8878 Dunbar Road, $190,000, Ronald D. Moore and Nancy L. Moore to Richard E. Cox and Angela Hawk


291 S. Shaw St., $56,500, Adam R. Herbert to Linda R. Weinman

370 E. Cook St., $80,000, Kurtis Ater and Michelle Ater to Jay E. Mochel


615 S. Antler Drive, $68,000, Macon County sheriff. to Naci Akyildiz

1358 Kays Court, $142,000, Warren E. Berner and Azalee Berner to Judith E. Galpin


200 N. East St., $9,000, Superior Tax Investments Inc. to Frederick and Jill Book


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