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County board should reject wind farm plan

County board should reject wind farm plan

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The “we need to do this for the greater good” argument and the “we need to do this for the schools and children” are common justifications for taking from others. Recent meetings regarding the Twin Forks Wind Farm project have promoted other justifications for taking from others.

  • Windmills are wonderful huge green power devices with bright flashing red lights that will save the world.
  • Your property values won’t be affected by building large kinetic structures next to your house. In fact, biased studies show that people are drawn to windmills and neighborhoods should flourish within the shadow flicker.
  • Supporting windmills (like the Simpson’s episode regarding the civic monorail) is a noble federally paid energy scheme (like the Solyndra scandal).
  • The solitude of the Illinois night sky will only be momentarily taken away every other minute.
  • We verbally sort of promise you that you won’t hear the windmill or see the shadow flicker, except for 30 hours per year for each windmill around you, and your roads will be returned to you, someday.
  • Sarcasm aside, windmills have nothing to do with creating green energy and everything to do with federal money gone wild, in both policy and pork-barrel greed. This area’s wind capacity is marginal and windmill power is as intermittent as the wind.

Have you ever driven past a windmill farm on a windy day and most of them are not turning? The reason why is that the windmills only exist for their rated capacity to produce power. Federal and state mandates require the rated capacity, not actual power made, to collect incentives. The windmill installers make their money regardless if they produce any green power.

These windmills represent government incompetence, not green energy production. Urge the Macon County Board to vote no regarding windmills on Sept. 10.

Ken Russell



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