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BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man was transported Wednesday to the hospital from the Law and Justice Center with an apparent self-inflicted stab wound after a jury returned guilt verdicts against him for predatory criminal sexual assault.

Johnny Icard, 78, of Bloomington, was seen plunging an object into his abdomen shortly after noon after the jury was dismissed from the courtroom, and the judge was explaining to Icard that his bond was being revoked. He had been free on bond.

Icard was sitting alone at the defense table where he had conducted his own defense during the three-day trial on charges that could send him to prison for 60 years when he is sentenced Aug. 31.

A woman sitting in the gallery yelled "he's got a gun" shortly before a McLean County deputy sitting directly behind Icard said "he's got a knife" and jumped up to subdue the defendant.

Icard was seen fumbling with his shirt near his waistband before the incident.

The courtroom was cleared while deputies provided emergency first aid and waited for medical personnel. Icard appeared conscious as he was wheeled on a gurney from the courtroom about 20 minutes later. His shirt had been removed and his upper body showed no visible wounds. A sheet with a large amount of blood was still in Icard's chair in the courtroom after he was removed.

In response to an inquiry about Icard's condition from a person in the hallway outside the courtroom, a first responder said Icard "is going to be OK."

McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage said an investigation is underway to determine what Icard used to harm himself and how it may have entered the building past metal detectors in the lobby.

The stabbing was not Icard's first attempt to harm himself.

The defendant's wife testified Tuesday that her husband had attempted suicide in February 2017 just two days after he was accused of molesting a minor girl — the incident Icard was on trial for this week.

Shirley Icard said her husband was taken to the hospital after he was found in his car in the garage with the door closed.

The trial began Monday and the jury began deliberating Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday, the victim, now 7, testifed that Icard touched her inappropriately after she went into his garage in February 2017. When asked if the "touches" had happened previously, the girl said, "I'm pretty sure it was more than one time."

He told the child "don't tell anyone" about the alleged abuse after assuring her "he did it to his own kids," according to her testimony.

When he questioned the girl, Icard asked her why her testimony differed from several denials she allegedly made during an interview the next day at the McLean County Child Advocacy Center (CAC).

When asked what caused her to change her mind about the allegations, the girl said "not really anything."

The child also could not recall making some statements Icard read aloud from a transcript of the CAC interview. Icard ended his questions, delivered from a podium several feet away from the girl, with an apology. "I'm sorry I had to ask you those questions," he said.

In a videotaped interview of the child’s meeting at the CAC played for the jury, she repeated the abuse claim, but denied it occurred the previous day. The most recent alleged abuse happened three to four weeks before the Feb. 21, 2017 interview, the child said.

The girl told a CAC interviewer she went to Icard’s garage the previous day, but no abuse took place.

The mother of the alleged victim testified that she became concerned when she went to check on her daughter after the child had gone to Icard's yard to help him look for a lost hearing aide. As the mother approached Icard's garage, she saw him standing with his hands on the girl's arms and heard the child say, "No, John," according to the mother's testimony.

The girl later told her mother about the alleged abuse and police were notified.

Icard denied any abuse ever took place.

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