Briefly tell us about your background: Education, job, family, etc.

I was born and raised in Decatur (April Gensler). I graduated from Eisenhower High School in 1995. I went on to receive a bachelor's degree in Business and Information Technology from the University of Illinois at Springfield. I am married to my husband Dave, who is an Engineer at Norfolk Southern. We have 2 children Dawson (15) and Olivia (13). We currently live in Long Creek. I work as the Financial Administrator for Dr. Stuart Baker. I am a member at GT Church.



What made you decide to seek this position?

The office of the Treasurer is tremendously important and touches all of our lives in essential ways year round. I am running for Treasurer because I see it as an opportunity to enhance the role and effectiveness of the office, while ensuring the financial stability of the community. Helping others and working with our government to make positive changes in our community is my passion and overall reason behind my desire to be Macon County Treasurer.

What prepared you for this position?

I know from my education and work experience that I can be the leader this office needs. I have a BA in Business Administration and Information Technology from the University of Illinois at Springfield. With over a decade of experience being the Financial Administrator for Dr. Stuart Baker I have gained many skills and opportunities that will allow an easy transition into being Macon County Treasurer.

What's your approach to solving problems?

I solve problems by tackling them head-on. By seeing problems as an opportunity, it enables everyone to continuously learn and improve.

What's something surprising about you?

I love estate sales, thrift stores and consignment shops! Being conscious of how I spend my hard money is important to me. I will be just as cautious with your hard earned tax dollars when I am Macon County Treasurer.

Why don't more people vote?

I believe that people that do not exercise their right to vote are just not informed. When you know what the real issues are and the candidates positions on those issues, you feel more empowered to make a change. You also know that your vote counts!

What's the most challenging part of running for office?

One of the biggest challenges of running for any political office is time. I have a full-time job, I'm a full-time mom and I am trying to run a full-time campaign. Sometimes I just need more hours in a day.


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