How they reacted: Illinoisans talk about State of the Union

How they reacted: Illinoisans talk about State of the Union

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The chamber of the House of Representatives is seen Monday at the Capitol in Washington, as it is prepared for President Donald Trump to give his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

“The president had an opportunity to cut through the media noise and speak directly to the American people about what he does best — deliver results. Today in America, there are more job openings than job seekers, wages are rising for everyone, 7 million people have come off food stamps and millions have been lifted out of poverty. The president has delivered on campaign promises such as securing our border and brokering new trade deals like the (United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement) that finally put American workers first. The State of the Union is unequivocally strong despite unprecedented Democrat obstruction and the American people are better off than they were the day President Trump took office.”

— Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider

" Except that didn’t really happen. Except you really won’t. Except you really didn’t. Except your actions say otherwise. Except you haven’t done that. Except that’s not real. Except what you just said isn’t true. Except you are lying right now."

— State Sen. Andy Manar, D-Bunker Hill, on Twitter 

“I appreciate President Trump using his address tonight to highlight the gains we have made in improving the lives of American workers, keeping families safe, and restoring American leadership on the international stage. With the signing of USMCA and a new trade agreement with China, President Trump has continued to deliver on his promises to America’s working families. But the president understands that his speech is more about the future than it is the past; and I believe that he laid out an ambitious agenda that will keep America great.” 

— U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro

“He brought us to the brink of war with Iran. He continues to sow deep divisions by inciting violence, hate, and mistrust in our democracy. He has put Dreamers on notice for deportation. He continues to threaten health care for millions of people with pre-existing conditions. He diverts money from our service members and their families in order to build his big, beautiful wall time and time again. And he put his own personal, political gain ahead of that of the country that he is sworn to ‘preserve, protect, and defend. America is better than the state of our union under President Trump.”

— U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois 

“President Trump tonight laid out a bold message focused on policies that constituents of the 18th Congressional District care about deeply. Under his leadership, America secured new trade agreements with Illinois’ four largest export partners, our economy continues to shatter expectations with unemployment at a 50-year low and wages rising, our military has been strengthened, and generational criminal justice reform was enacted. I applaud the President for putting forth a message of a stronger America built off his agenda."

— U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood, R-Peoria 


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