SPRINGFIELD (AP) -- The Illinois House has approved a plan to expand the state's medical marijuana pilot program by 2½ years and add post-traumatic stress disorder and terminal illness to the list of allowed conditions.

Lawmakers voted 86-27 on Monday to advance the measure, which Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner supports. It now goes to the Senate, where it's expected to pass.

Illinois' four-year pilot program is set to sunset at the end of 2017. Under the bill, it will continue to July 1, 2020.

State museum

The Senate has approved a measure that would reopen the state museum and use donations to pay for needed repairs to state fairgrounds.

Rauner closed the Illinois State Museum in Springfield and its satellite sites in October due to the state budget impasse.

Bill sponsor Democratic state Sen. Andy Manar said Monday there are concerns the institution could lose its accreditation if it doesn't reopen. The plan would allow the museum to charge admission fees.

The Senate approved the measure 38-18, sending it to the House.

Republican lawmakers say they agree the fairgrounds in Springfield and DuQuoin are in need of repairs. But they opposed the plan because it requires work done with private donations to be subject to state purchasing rules.

Sexual abuse

Victims of sexual abuse would get up to four weeks of unpaid leave from work following the incident under a bill approved by the Senate.

The measure would apply to businesses with fewer than 15 employees. The initial plan sponsored by Democratic state Rep. Camille Lilly called for 12 weeks of unpaid leave.

The Senate supported the measure by a 40-14 vote on Monday, advancing it to the House.


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