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DECATUR – A Decatur woman told police she crawled on her hands and knees into a convenience store to escape a gun battle going on in the store's parking lot Friday night.

The 49-year-old woman had been parked in the lot of the Monroe Quick Stop, 1810 N. Monroe Street, about 9:20 p.m when she saw a black Chevrolet Tahoe sport utility vehicle with tinted windows pull in. The driver and several other men got out and began walking towards a parked car nearby and told the men inside it to get out and not drive away.

“She said an occupant of the vehicle began to shoot at the driver of the Tahoe,” said Sgt. Josh Sheets. “The male driver of the Tahoe then began to shoot back at the occupants of the other vehicle. The woman witnessed this from her own vehicle and, after the first couple of gunshots, she opened her car door and crawled into the store to avoid being shot herself.”

Witnesses who had seen the crawling woman thought she had been hit but Sheets said she was unhurt. “She said she heard approximately 10 to 15 shots altogether and believed there were only two shooters,” Sheets added.

Police swept the location for evidence and found five spent .45 caliber shell casings on the ground outside the store. Another four shell casings were recovered from the roadway in the 1800 block of North College Street; two were of .380 caliber and two were 9mm.

“They did not locate any blood or any damage to nearby buildings,” Sheets added. “And at the time our report was filed, there had not been any reports from the hospitals of gunshot victims.”


Macon County Courts Reporter

Macon County courts reporter for the Herald & Review.

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