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From pet odors to cigarette smoke, rotten food, burnt popcorn and all manner of stinky stuff, there's no getting around the fact that we live in a smelly world. And when stubborn odors invade our living space, we need to know how to take care of them quickly and efficiently.

Odor elimination is not the same as deodorization. One takes it away; the other covers it up. Perhaps you've experienced this. There's just nothing like a terrible odor mixed with the artificial smell of flowers or a soft Polynesian breeze.

It's been many years since a terrific product called Nok-Out and I found each other. Our friendship has deepened to the point that I can't imagine living without it. There's just nothing like Nok-Out.

I didn't have to send a fairly new upholstered chair to the landfill due to an unfortunate accident involving a sick grandchild thanks to Nok-Out.

The horrible stench of a large bag of disgustingly rotten potatoes hiding behind a storage rack in our basement (How did that happen?!) made me gag when it was finally discovered. But not a problem. Nok-Out completely eliminated all traces within only a few hours. Amazing.

And I'm not the only one in love with Nok-Out. Every week I hear from readers who have experienced a Nok-Out rescue.

Dear Mary: We moved into a condo whose previous occupant had smoked cigarettes in the guest bathroom. We could barely step foot into that room it was so terrible. We removed the wallpaper and then used Nok-Out on every surface -- the ceiling, walls and vents. We had to spray a couple of times, but that got rid of 95 percent of that smell. The rest dissipated in a short time. We recommended Nok-Out to a friend who has kids who play ice hockey. As soon as they come in the door, the super smelly gear goes in a pile and they spray it down. He loves it. I thought you would enjoy hearing these stories. Thanks for introducing us to Nok-Out.

-- Marilyn

Dear Mary: A $38 gallon of Nok-Out saved my antique dresser. I won't get into the details, but the tragedy involved a very large, much-loved elderly cat that was inadvertently closed up in a bedroom without a litter box. Apparently, a slightly opened drawer in a family heirloom dresser (recently appraised at $3,400) was the closest thing she could find to resemble her box. Need I go on?

I tried everything I could think to get rid of the stench. I scrubbed the drawer with vinegar, but that didn't do a thing. This despicable odor seemed to permeate every square millimeter of the dresser. And the odor was not confined to that piece of furniture; the whole house smelled like a zoo! We had no other choice but to move the beautiful piece out of the house. I was heartbroken. About that time I read about the wonders of Nok-Out in "Everyday Cheapskate." I didn't believe anything would work to save the dresser but figured it was worth one last attempt.

Following the suggested protocol (see "The Simple Science of Eliminating Bad Odors" at, I sprayed every surface, crack and crevice with Nok-Out and left it open to air-dry. Exactly what you describe happened: After a day or two, the smell got even worse -- a stale chlorine, stinky swimming pool-like odor. But we hung in there, hoping against hope that Nok-Out would work as described. After a week, it was amazing that the odor was nearly undetectable. Just for good measure, I treated the drawer the cat used again with Nok-Out and left it out to dry completely.

I'm so happy to share the good news that the dresser is back in the house -- odor-free and more beautiful than ever. I'm thrilled and forever grateful.

-- Norah

If you've got a stinky situation or you just want to be prepared, order Nok-Out Odor Eliminator at|Everyday Cheapskate, Box 2099 Cypress, CA 90630


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