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Lately I've been mindful of the blessings, "perks," Decatur provides to its citizens, which does contain families of all ages. As I drove past the construction in Nelson Park, I was thanking God for what that would look like when finished. It takes a while for the disorder we see to come into the vision it carries. It calls for patience and a thankful heart.

For years I've taken grandchildren to the parks to play; to Scovill Zoo and at times the Museum; to Rock Springs trails; and to play and learn inside. Our city -- a place of employment, a city with homes and families, who God loves, churches, shops, restaurants, public services that provide us with electricity, heat, water, post offices, hospital and doctors who look after all that makes our lives rich! And policemen who keep us as safe as they can and I am thankful for them all. Too many to name, these special services we take for granted.

I'm writing this on Thanksgiving but more so after a visit to our library, which is also undergoing construction. Apparently I forgot the patience needed to see the finished product because I didn't exercise that when it came time to check out. I had been under the impression we didn't need cards any longer so I left it in the car at the far end of the parking lot because of the blocked-off construction area. So I left patience and self-control in the car also, along with kindness and gentleness. God forbid I'd have to walk a couple of blocks to get this card when Jesus asked us to go a second mile.

I'm not making light of my rudeness but I am making amends now. My grandson has a fun time in the library. It's such a neat place to go. I like it for myself as well.

This is a public apology and a cheer of encouragement to all who work there and throughout our city. Decatur, God loves you.

May we all learn from our mistakes and shortcomings and be thankful for all the people and corporations who have given to Decatur to provide these blessings.

There are many ministries and churches who give finances and food to the needy. We have shelters for the homeless. Never forget it could be us and be thankful that we can come together and help do our part as well. Above all, appreciate those who work with theses programs and those who provide services to make all lives better.

So: I'm having a vision in myself to be more grateful and turn my disorder into a completed work.

Jeane Whiteside is a Decatur resident.

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