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Kevin Hale 

Let me get this right.

My friends will tell you I am a little slow and out there in the ozone. So I want to make sure I’m getting things right. I ask questions -- I mean a lot of questions -- so I can understand the merit and direction of your argument. So, Decatur here we go.

Let me get this right. People are burning and desecrating the American flag because they feel it is a symbol of oppression. A symbol that has been fought for, bled for and wrapped around all we hold dear in this country. A flag that represents freedoms we all benefit from today.

Now, I cannot speak as a minority in this country. I am not going to rap philosophic about injustices I know nothing about. The “Black Lives Matter” movement is as precious to me as “Police Lives Matter.” They both carry weight, and both require a vision of understanding. However, Old Stars and Bars flies over you both. The Constitution protects both movements and that document is a living, breathing witness to the march of our history. It is not a hard, engraved, entrenched and punitive script.

Sure, it was designed and written by white, elitist, rich gentlemen. Those gentlemen, though flawed and imperfect, put a wonderful trap door in their governmental creation. They made a document you can change. You can amend, review, bend and fit in changes to match the times we live in.

The American flag is connected to that document and it represents heroic minorities and majorities that risked life and limb so we can march and speak our minds. The flag is precious fabric to veterans, sailors, soldiers and first responders that allow us, and have allowed us, to sleep in peace for decades. I am not going to embarrass their courage and sacrifice to make a political statement that they are defending and sacrificing for right now.

Let me get this right. Many in this country want to take American’s firearms. Stop. Isn’t going to happen. Gun owners have a protected and historic right to bear arms.

I get the "guns don’t kill, people do" argument. However, gun owners can we please sit at the table and discuss, without shouting, why you need a clip with a 50-bullet capacity magazine? Surely gun sales need more stringent checks. And people who want gun rights limited, can you please get your heads wrapped around the fact that criminals are not going to follow all the edicts you’re trying to pass? Criminals could care less. Americans have a right to defend their life and property. Let’s get to the middle.

Let me get this right. There are people in this country who feel a woman should make less money than a man. I have even heard women tell me this philosophy has merit. Our country had better wake up. Courageous women in this country put it on the line for their families, just like men do, every day. In fact, many of them single mothers trying to make a way for less money than their male counterparts make. Men say, “That’s the way the current market sets up.” I say, “My daughter is every bit your equal!”

I do not want my daughter to get more than my son. I want the fight to be equal. If my son is the best for the job than he deserves it. However, if my daughter gets the same job than it should be for the exact same pay Hayden was offered.

Let me get this right …

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