I was disturbed but not surprised by Rodney Davis’ guest editorial on infrastructure ("Infrastructure desperately needs repair," May 19). If Davis spent more energy confronting his hero in the Oval Office like he promised voters, instead of joining the obstruction train, we’d get repairs going. I am referring to his ill-conceived comment, “Partisan witch hunts and impeachment proceedings are enemies of infrastructure legislation.” How far from Trump’s shoes did Davis have to get his tongue to spit that one out? 

The real enemy of representing voters, getting things done, saving our democracy, our constitution and rule of law is a renegade Republican Party that is aiding and abetting the most corrupt administration in history. If this were Obama or any Democrat, impeachment and removal would have already happened. How many cabinet members had to resign, are going to jail, and are engaging in open obstruction? Drop the investigations or no legislation. When Trump’s lips move, Davis speaks.

Apparently treason, campaign violations, obstructing federal investigations, abuse of power and denying Congress oversight responsibilities are holding up infrastructure legislation. Who do you think is responsible? Other than hugging veterans, grabbing media spotlights, refusing public meetings with voters, what has Davis accomplished?

Davis repeatedly voted to strip health care from millions of Americans. Davis is silent on child abductions of immigrant children, backs privatizing Social Security and gutting Medicare and Medicaid. Now his lockstep with the White House is crushing America’s farmers.

Davis was silent when Republicans illegally purged voter rolls denying Americans the right to vote. I am a Vietnam veteran and Davis, Trump, and his band of enablers are spitting on my sacrifice.

The entire Republican Party is engaged in the most un-American activity in my lifetime. Mitch McConnell admittedly spent four years trying to keep Obama from a second term, then four more obstructing the will of the voters. He denied a sitting president a hearing on a Supreme Court nomination to allow Republicans to stack the court. McConnell changes Senate rules when he can’t get his way and consistently violates his oath of office and the constitution. Republican leaders represent corporate America and mega donors, but not you and me.

There is a deep state overthrowing our democracy right before our eyes; the Republican Party. The Mueller report lays out 10 specific instances of Trump attempting to obstruct his investigation. No administration should refuse to hold our enemy accountable for election meddling even when they continue to do so. A few Republicans publicly took Trump to task, but not Davis. Instead, Trump praised and took the side of Putin. A federal judge viewed the actions of Mike Flynn, Trump’s former national security advisor, as “treasonous.” Without reading the Mueller report, all the king’s men denied the real evidence. “Case closed,” said Mitch McConnell.

Trump went attorney general shopping for his Roy Cohen. William Barr is covering up of Trump’s lawless behavior. Our justice department has been corrupted by Barr, who is now Trump’s fixer. He too lied to Congress and misrepresented the Mueller report to the American people.

After claiming they are tired of investigations, the Barr-Trump team is now investigating the investigators. More attempts to obstruct ongoing investigations. As Trump usually does when he gets caught, he makes unsubstantiated charges he is guilty of against those he views as enemies. Treason, really? Against federal law enforcement and intelligence agents?

After thousands of documented lies to the public, one would think someone in the Republican Party could find the courage to call Trump out and put some dignity back in the Presidency of the United States.

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Mike Griffin is a resident of Decatur. 


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