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not a snake

There's a great story that goes with the accompanying picture of me and a butterfly.

But if I wasn't such a wimp, the picture would be way cooler.

It would have been of me holding – OK, more like wearing – a huge snake. Emphasis on huge, which is why there is no picture. Not happening.

It was one of the highlights of a recent Greater Decatur Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours at Northgate Pet Clinic. I also attended an after hours at MRI. (You probably know it better as Macon Resources.)

It's obvious why both of these businesses were honored recently by the Chamber – Northgate taking the development award and MRI the non-profit organization of the year at the annual awards luncheon.

Everyone I came into contact with loved what they do. That's an important ingredient in the business success recipe book.

I learned a lot. Things like how to give your dog mouth to mouth, that dogs get braces to correct messed up teeth and how you go about fixing a chicken who ate a bunch of random metal parts it found lying around or breaking its leg.

You apparently do surgery on the chicken. I thought fixing it would involve a frying pan and a side of mashed potatoes.

Who knew?


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