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Richard Virgin:

Richard Virgin:

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Richard Virgin

I appreciate that the Herald & Review provides us with the perspectives of a variety of political columnists to read throughout the week. I believe that reading a variety of viewpoints, especially ones we may not agree with, helps provoke our thinking and helps us understand other points of view. However, I believe that continuing to include the column of Michael Reagan is a disservice to readers of the Herald & Review.

In this day of highly polarized political perspectives, I find Reagan’s columns to be nothing more than a sadistic action of throwing gasoline on an already out-of-control fire. If he did so with facts, that would be bad enough, but at least it would be done with some honesty. However, this man besmirches the Reagan name as he plays so fast and loose with the facts and explains them with such inflammatory rhetoric that he seems bent on wanting to be nothing but destructive.

In his most recent column, "Democrats want to start race war" (April 28), from the title on there is almost nothing in his column that is an honest fact. There are plenty of conspiracy theories floating around today that unfortunately seem to have appealed to many Americans who have become believers in non-truths. To see Reagan adding to this genre of untruths is disappointing to say the least.

While his father could embellish facts with gross exaggerations, I think he would be embarrassed to see his offspring engage in such a gutter form of journalism. ( I actually cringe at calling what he writes journalism.)

Not only does Michael Reagan engage in passing along or creating untrue statements that he attributes to non-Republicans, he is also maligning the character of an entire large segment of our population with his fabricated accusations. What is a great shame about his continual proclivity in manufacturing these falsehoods, both parties do things that warrant scrutiny and criticism. Thus, making things up is not necessary for a conservative journalist in order to have enough matters to write about.

But it is time that the Herald & Review find a legitimate replacement for Mr. Reagan’s periodic creation of insulting and incendiary lies. There must be writers with a conservative point of view who write honest columns representing  conservative points of view who do not do so solely to see if they can create destructive chaos.

No, Mr. Reagan. Democrats are not out to start a race war. But we do believe that some of the unfair practices of our society that are unknowingly perpetuated by all of us, regardless of party, need to be honestly acknowledged, faced, and steps taken to correct these practices.

Richard Virgin is a retired educator living in Decatur.


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