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Robert Mooth

There is a 433-foot rock on the shore of a sharp curve in the River Rhine named Lorelei. The rock has an interesting German folklore history. From Wikipedia, Lorelei was a siren who, sitting on the cliff above the Rhine and combing her golden locks, distracted shipmen with her beauty and song, causing them to crash on the rocks.

In political folklore, there are three Loreleis, each presenting very appealing attributes. First, capitalism is enticing because of the promise of diverse opportunities on an even playing field. In reality, within any given capitalistic society, there are those few entrepreneurs that are smarter, luckier, etc. than most. They accumulate great wealth and economic power that can restrict competitive opportunities.

Another kind of monopoly threat has arisen under the guise of free enterprise. This threat is related to our personal and political freedoms. The sources of those threats are the social media giants. They have the power, and have exercised that power, to sell our personal information and to control the internet news people are increasingly depending upon to stay informed. These media giants need to be broken up and controls imposed to protect our freedom

The other two Loreleis are fascism and socialism. Both depend on a central dictator controlling every facet of their respective societies. Like kings and queens that had total control, the quality of the dictators cannot be easily controlled by the public. Generally, revolutions are required to get relief from the despotism of such dictators. The American Revolution is a great example. The struggle in Venezuela to escape socialism is another example.

What makes fascism and socialism so appealing? Both make a series of promises. Those promises include:

- Fascism

  • Central planning and control of the economy promising maximum efficiencies
  • Many “free” services
  • The rich will pay for these services

- Socialism:

  • Workers control the means of production
  • Government will support the workers and production via efficient central planning
  • Everyone is equal
  • Many “free” services
  • The rich will pay for these services

What is the reality?

- Fascism and Socialism:

  • Governments control the workers and production via central planning
  • Leaders in these societies are the smart and the lucky. They are also more equal than the rest of their subjects.  
  • Social stability depends upon internal and external threats to justify the coercion of their subjects.
  • “Free” services become scarce to non-existent
  • Cannot compete with creative and aggressive capitalism in the marketplace.
  • Have failed every time they have been tried.

Now, we hear the Lorelei siren of socialist dogma from the Democrat party. The allure of the Democrat wannabe presidents is the same old socialist mantra of “free stuff”, control of the deplorable rich via extreme taxes, and Government control of all corporations. The Democrats are very comfortable peddling this garbage because the last two generations were never taught how and why fascist and socialist societies crashed.

A bromide says socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money. So it is with the current crop of socialist Democrats. What are their plans when they run out of our money? Interestingly, these Democrats refuse to discuss this very real outcome.

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Robert Mooth is a resident of Decatur.


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