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The private foundation of former Macon County Sheriff Howard G. Buffett has announced a new $25 million commitment to build a combined early childhood, senior and community center on the new Community Care Campus currently under construction near the Wabash Crossing neighborhood.

The private foundation of Howard Buffett continues to make Decatur the envy of the state, if not a larger area.

Buffett's generosity to our community shone again Thursday. Following a donation last August of $30 million to build a 17-acre, four-building social services center north of downtown, Buffett donated an additional $25 million Thursday, and a significant part of the results from the donation will be a building to house Baby TALK and and Decatur Macon County Opportunities Corp.

Buffett's private foundation has funded numerous projects to end global hunger, among other initiatives. In Macon County, among his beneficiaries have been Scovill Zoo, the Children's Museum of Illinois, the Nelson Park amphitheater, the Decatur School District’s  Ag Academy and the Macon County Sheriff's Office, for whom he served as interim sheriff.  

Each of us is in some way touched by those agencies aided by Buffett. That shows the extent of how what he does touches people in central Illinois.

“Thank you” doesn't seem to resonate enough in this case. But those are the words we have,

Thank you Howard Buffett. Thank you for the lives you have improved and saved.

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