THUMBS UP! To what we expect to be the final professional women's golf tour stop. The Symetra Tour's Forsyth Classic brought to Central Illinois golfers looking to make the LPGA, the top professional women's tour. Many alumni from the Classic are now LPGA players, including last year's champion, Isi Gabsa. There are many memorable stories that have come from the event. The final championship was claimed by Jillian Hollis, who lost in a playoff last year to Gabsa. We'll miss the event.

THUMBS DOWN! To those not following through on pledges. Our blood boils a bit when donors make a huge show of their plans, but then fail to deliver. That's happening in Paris, as those repairing the fire-damaged Notre Dame await donations promised by billionaire owners, who made a competition out of pledging the ultimate total of $1 billion. None of that money has arrived. Donations from individuals in France and the United States have accounted for about $4 million for aid in recovering from a devastating April 15 fire. We understand the concern that those donors want to know where their money is going, and the church's stewards need to provide that information. But maybe if the purse strings were loosened a bit, plans would be forthcoming.

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THUMBS UP! To the state legislature's willingness to address Medicaid. Several acts this session aimed to increase efficiencies in the state’s managed care system, which has been widely panned by high-volume Medicaid providers since its inception in 2011. Insurers, health care providers, government regulators and lawmakers all have expressed optimism about the bill. Dealing with illness and medical care is difficult enough. Any steps that make dealing with financial end more comfortable are needed and appreciated.

THUMBS UP! To use of Decatur's gas tax. While the wait might have been longer than some like, it's increasingly clear that roads are being repaired all over Decatur. The effort is appreciated. Winding slowly through construction for a day or two is paid back exponentially when we're able to drive on those repaired roads. Now, individuals may have to turn their complaining to business owners and some of their parking lots in need of repairs.

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