THUMBS UP! To a fresh suggestion on fighting global warming. (Do you notice there are fewer global warming jokes now than there are when there's six inches of snow in the ground?) Swiss scientists suggest that widespread tree planting could assist in pulling carbon dioxide out of the air. The plan includes the number of trees that need to be planted (up to a trillion) and how much area of the planet that would cover (3.5 million square miles, roughly the size of the United States). The study says the countries with the most room for new trees are Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil and China. There are currently 3 trillion trees on earth.

THUMBS UP! To Sawyer Brown. The country music act was announced at the final Decatur Celebration headliner this week. Few of us will ever understand how much sweat and time went into landing the past “Star Search” champions. That's nice work, landing a name act three weeks before the event opens on Friday, Aug. 2.

THUMBS DOWN! To flawed financial planning, and expectations, and what those decisions and actions are doing to society. A recent Associated Press poll found 23% of workers don't expect to stop working. Period. An additional 25% of that same group say they'll work beyond their 65th birthday. A key factor appears to be health concerns. People are living longer, but one theory suggests that increases the possibility of an illness or health issue that could be tragic and catastrophic. We sincerely wish that no one in the United States had to make the decisions to eat, heat (their residence) or treat (their medical issues).

THUMBS UP! To Gordy Gundaker. The stock car driver won his second straight H&R 100 race on July 4 at Macon Speedway. Late leaders during the race’s final laps included five-time champion Shannon Babb and two-time winner Bobby Pierce Jr.

THUMBS UP! To the Chicago Bears celebration in Decatur on Sunday, July 21. The NFL team is coming home to its roots – the Chicago Bears began their NFL journey as the Decatur Staleys. Head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace are to appear. Another attraction is a round-table discussion between Bears Chairman George H. McCaskey, Hall of Fame writer Don Pierson, Bears linebacker Lance Briggs, moderated by talk radio hosts Jeff Joniak and Tom Thayer.

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