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OUR VIEW: Thumbs up! Thumbs down!

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THUMBS UP! To continuing to honor the words and ideals of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. About 100 marchers took to Decatur streets Monday to honor the civil rights leader. Even better, the tradition is being carried on. Organizers said this year's march featured more young people. x

THUMBS DOWN! To the Gillette ad brouhaha. The company faced a backlash after released an ad invoking the #MeToo movement. An online uproar said the ad taking on bullying, sexual harassment and toxic masculinity was insulting to men and laden with stereotypes. The end result, as has been the case recently with Pepsi's Kendall Jenner ad (which was pulled) and Nike's spot featuring ex-NFL player Colin Kapernick, has highlighted the worst of our current outrage culture. There's sometimes danger when corporations attempt to set social standards, and there's sometimes a danger when we're slaves to them.

THUMBS UP! To the Blue Ribbon Committee on Safety and Re-Connection to the Community. The group is making an effort toward minimizing violence in Decatur. The focus is on home, school and community. Recommendations are due in 10 weeks. The task is a challenging one. Here's hoping the committee comes up with ideas that can be executed and successful.

THUMBS DOWN! To the National Football League. Last weekend was one of the greatest in its history as a pair of games decided who will face off in the Feb. 3 Super Bowl. But instead of rehashing the greatness of the games, a series of officiating blunders have made this week one full of arguments about rules and replays. Fans deserve better, and so do the teams.


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