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Uber Eats

The service Uber Eats has arrived in the Decatur area. 

So we'll be upfront: Members of the Herald & Review editorial board didn't wait very long before testing Uber Eats. In fact, delicious foil-wrapped subs were headed up our cement East William Street stairs as soon as we got the chance.

We're happy this service has come to Decatur. Oh, sure, in the grand scheme of life, maybe food delivery isn't the biggest deal. But it sure is convenient -- and shows a promising revenue stream for businesses.

Right now, a handful are taking part, from fast food to sit-down restaurants, but the list with certainly grow. You go to the app, pick the items and the food is delivered by an Uber driver. Yes, there is a fee.


In our view, this solves a few things. For starters, delivery options in Decatur until now have been very limited, aside from Mexican food, pizza (of course) and a sandwich place or two. We're a little burnt out on all, to be honest.

That dearth of availability is a surprise given the healthy daytime office population downtown and thousands of Millikin University kids to the west. (We have similarly pointed out the frustration with a lack of restaurants open on Sundays, but that's another battle for another day.)

Good news is, with Uber Eats, that could be changing, and that's beneficial for businesses. For restaurants, it exposes more people to local menus and flavors. Keeping money flowing into Decatur coffers is great for all of us.

Uber in October said it planned to have 70 percent of America covered with the service by this month, a continuation of a massive push for the company to establish its core ride-hailing service across the country. Uber and competitor Lyft have been operating in Decatur since 2017, and it's the same drivers now delivering the food, part of a bigger trend.

We are eager to see the offerings expand. Starbucks in December said it would start coffee delivery via Uber Eats. And Kroger and Aldi have their own delivery services.

What's next?

Kroger at its sister stores in Arizona is testing driver-less vehicles that deliver groceries.

Uber says it anticipates food-delivery drones by 2021.

Yes, drones.

Drones carrying carry-out food.

Tell them to fly over more subs to East William Street, please.

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