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Watch and see what happens when the city council votes along with the commission to go ahead with the building on Ash and 51, as the city manager will put a bug in the mayor's ear about all the tax revenue that can be made from doing so.

But they won't tell us taxpayers all the incentives they are giving them so they will build here, and then turn around and say we, city council and council, that we need to raise fees and taxes to the rest of us because they have given so much to them. It's not like people are making a mad dash to move to Decatur, as records show more are moving out than in, and I doubt the Chipotle is going to change that.

Don't you just love how on one hand the city manager and city council talk about beautification of the city, so let's build more buildings to sit empty with all the others that could have been used instead of building new ones to sit empty as well?

Talking on beautification, who came up with the painting of the gray power boxes? Can't you just hear people driving through town saying "I wouldn't want to live here because Decatur has gray power boxes like other cities don't," even more waste of funds that could be put to better use, like towards roads maybe.

All I can say is remember those who vote for these fee increases and taxes and vote them out next time.

Gil Fyke, Decatur


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