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This fall I read an article in the Herald & Review, announcing a candidate for state representative in the 101st District -- my district. I was very hopeful, especially when I read:

“From abandoned residences to empty businesses, Dan Caulkins said he sees signs everywhere of people who have given up on Illinois and lost faith in lawmaker’s ability to effect change.”

Very encouraging words, until I read your recent article regarding campaign donations, specifically that “Chicago-based conservative radio commentator Dan Proft, an influential operative in Illinois Republican politics, has spent thousands supporting one candidate ...” and that candidate is also Dan Caulkins.

Perhaps I am being naive, but how can a candidate who acknowledges that his constituents have lost faith in the current legislative system with good conscience accept donations from an “influential operative” from Chicago? How is that effecting change? How does this serve to help my district?

I have not given up on Illinois. But I have certainly lost faith in a candidate whose actions contradict his words. I want a representative who is exactly that, a person who represents the district they serve, that relates to the issues their own community, that is supported by the constituents in the 101st. I certainly cannot support a candidate who will be influenced by a Chicago “operative.”

Let us, the voters, effect change. The place to start is in this primary election. This is what I am going to do. My vote is going to a candidate that relates to my issues and supports my neighborhood. And that candidate will not be Dan Caulkins, though I thank him for narrowing down my selection. 

Travis Nave, Monticello


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