david rush

I am a winter person, who loves the cold, crisp air and the beauty of a fresh snowfall.

I was born on a cold, snowy day in 1938, just 16 miles from the Wisconsin border. The temperature was below zero.

As a young boy, I loved being outdoors in the snow, building snowmen, forts and tunnels.

Mother used to come out and drag me inside, where she would pour hot chocolate into me to warm me up. She had only to take her eyes off me for two seconds and I was out the back door playing in the snow again.

I remember my father used to take my brother and me skating on Dreamland Lake in Fairview Park. Once he did this wearing a suit, tie, heavy dress coat, gloves and scarf.

For sledding it was Nelson Park and my brother and I would insist that Dad and Mom go down the hill at least once. To please us, they almost always did. They were good sports.

There was a house next door to the east of ours. Then a vacant lot. Dad got permission from the owner to build a large slide which we could whiz down on our sleds.

It was our very good luck that it snowed early and long that year (mid-October to early April). We young boys and girls on the block had a grand time that winter.

The events I have described took place in a world that longer exists. 

The winters have become milder and doesn't snow as much. When it does you see very few snowmen around. Young people seem to prefer to stay indoors and play video games.


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David Rush is a Decatur resident.


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