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I am writing concerning the proposed development plans for U.S. 51, Ash Ave, and Oak Lane. On Nov. 27, I attended an informational meeting about the proposed development of the property west of U.S. 51 and bordered by Ash Ave. and Oak Lane. The meeting was attended by many residents of the neighborhood. We voiced our concerns regarding the public and neighborhood safety and the additional traffic this will bring to Ash Ave., Oak Lane, Buckingham Drive and the entire area of the homes in the Windsor Village area. It was noted last night by the presenters that all access would be from Ash and Oak in and out of the proposed development property.

The developer of the property presented vague details about the development and how the safety issues would be addressed. This area is an extremely busy traffic area now, and the residents must deal with constant traffic issues.

I went to the meeting with an open mind but after listening to the information I decided that this will create a major safety problem for our neighborhood. The developers admitted that once it is rezoned they could not control what might be there in five years or so. There are many other open property options for the developers to choose from in this area without rezoning a residential neighborhood for commercial development. With great concern for the safety of all families in this area please keep this site zoned as a residential area in Decatur.

Mike Landacre, Decatur


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