Our state budget crisis appears to be over; however, funding for schools is still unknown. A new school funding bill, Senate Bill 1, awaits a signature by the governor for schools to be adequately funded. Senate Bill 1 distributes funding based on what research says works and the unique needs of every student in Illinois, driving dollars to the neediest districts first. Senate Bill 1 helps fix inequalities by changing the funding model and considers each district’s local resources so money isn’t taken away from any district.

I want to thank the legislators who support and voted for Senate Bill 1. Now, our community must urge Gov. Rauner to sign Senate Bill 1. Our students, regardless of their zip code, will be better positioned to have the resources to experience a quality education, and our schools will have the opportunity to continue the educational service our students deserve.

The time is now for Decatur to be engaged. Contact Gov. Rauner by calling (217) 782-0244, leave a message and let him know you support Senate Bill 1 and urge him to sign it. Social media focus can be directed to @GovRauner on Twitter or by using the hashtag #SignSB1. We need to start investing in our state’s next generation and I encourage anyone who cares about education to contact Gov. Rauner.

Paul Fregeau

Superintendent, Decatur Public School District #61

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