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On the Lantern Parade:

Sammyann Robbins When we were growing up in the 40's and 50's we would make streetcars out of shoeboxes. Cut windows in them and actually put candles inside. Then all of us kids would parade around the block. Can you just imagine kids doing that now.

On Bill Mitchell's decision to not seek re-election:

Ronn Gossman It is nice to just walk away after making a major error that effected so many.

Grace Cowger Himmelrick Bill, we've been friends since we worked together, way back. I am sorry to see you go, but I truly understand. I wish you the best of luck on anything you may choose to do. Monica Himmelrick

Clint Ashmore Durbin needs to leave, not Bill.

On Tim Cain's column about Decatur Celebration:

Steve Wetherholt Having to pay to get something that used to be free is actually a great life lesson in economics and human nature. There is no such thing as "free"... somebody has to pay for it. When the folks offering you "free" stuff run out of other people's money to pay for it guess who ends up having to pay for your "free" stuff??? That's right.... YOU do. Either that or the "free" stuff goes away. Welcome to reality and the way things work. Apply this lesson to life and you'll never be disappointed. If you like the Celebration enough you'll pay for the entertainment. If not simply don't go.

On the battle against Asian carp:

Courtney Dick They need a public relations expert. Lobster used to be a garbage seafood and fed to prisoners, it's a luxury item now. Orange roughy, tilapia, it needs a new name, a good signature dish, good PR and soon it will be overfished: problem solved!

Eric Wetherholt Government created the problem by allowing them to be introduced to our waters, then they realize the mistake they made years later. Typically what happens when government says " we will help you " with anything .


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