Do you agree that a real man should be loving, patient, caring, helpful and understanding and able to walk away when you feel upset?

The newspaper has been reporting so many so-called men who beat and seriously hurt a woman. Men need serious counseling while they sit in jail. The women will carry a baby while you sit in jail. She will have so many things to worry about like a job, food, etc. You act like she deserves to be treated bad.

Your actions are the same as a 5- to 9-year-old boy. And while you sit in jail, she will have the problem of carrying a baby for nine months. You're not acting like a man when you hit and beat up a woman. That is not a man.

You need serious counseling. You need to grow up. Stop treating women with no respect. A woman should not get involved with a man that acts like a child when he doesn't get his way.

Sometimes a woman can't take the stress. She might think her answer is killing her baby. Abortion, no! May God send real help to her and that she will accept her baby. She may try to be strong while alone but now is the time for real help. She needs not to accept help from the immature man who sits in jail.

We pray that God will help her now as abortion is a serious sin. May God bless you with help.

Eleanora Davis, Decatur

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