With the latest implementation of Illinois laws, I can honestly say as a lifelong citizen I am ashamed of our state and its leaders.

Normally, one would surmise that emphasis on our Constitution might lend itself to sincere intentions of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, that certainly is not the case. Because we now have the most liberal abortion “rights” in the union, I would challenge that the majority of our legislative branch and governor have any connection to the constitution at all let alone any obligation to moral values or fear of God’s judgment.

On top of that, the so-called “doctors” performing these death sentences on the unborn have done nothing more than defenestrate the Hippocratic oath and devalue humanity. These murders are the result of society’s depraved indifference to the defenseless. Whether it is an abortion for the forming child or a partial birth abortion, it is a life that not only should be protected by our constitution but most emphatically is identified as a life in scripture (Psalms 51:5). Even basic biology teaches us that. 

I have never understood why there is such hatred to the unborn, but that is what it is — hatred. Infanticide is to condemn the future of our nation/state since it eliminates vital prospects for our continuance as a people.

The state legislators who proposed and supported these abortion bills, and the governor who signed it into law are Godless. They have undermined our state’s and country’s constitutions for the few and are not interested in life or liberty, but they are only engrossed in the pursuit of evil. If someone’s right to live is removed, no other right matters, and when life is not respected in its beginning, it is not respected at all.

Lynette White, Maroa

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