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World Water Day is March 22. The theme this year is ‘Leaving no one behind.’ It’s part of the United Nation’s promise of their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Everyone benefits.

Be aware that two billion other humans are thirsty as you read this because they don’t have enough water and/or it is contaminated. This is a yearly event to enlighten everyone about the growing water crisis around the globe.

Water shortages are happening right here in the U.S., although we in Decatur aren’t currently concerned. We can go about our daily activities without thinking about water. As long as we can turn on the tap and water comes out, we aren’t motivated to reduce the amount we use. It’s cheap. Less than a penny a gallon. But don’t forget we spent (yours and my water utility dollars) $91 million to dredge the lake. It gives us more capacity and the quality of the water has improved.

While saving water here won’t help those unfortunate thirsty people across the globe, we can use our precious water resources more efficiently. This will allow our city to grow because we will have the capacity to supply more businesses and population.

Ground water levels are decreasing at an ever-increasing rate. Just keep your eye on the water level in the Mahomet aquifer, which dropped about 50 feet in the last 50 years. It is our backup water source in drought years.

You may not think you use much water, but don’t be surprised if you analyze your water bill and find you use almost 100 gallons per person per day (400 cubic foot per person per month).

Let’s all try to use less water this year. I’m sure Keith Alexander, the water production manager at the Decatur water plant, would welcome our efforts. 

George Virgil, Decatur

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