If you attended one of Rep. Rodney Davis’ recent Open Government Nights you would have gone home believing he’s overly bipartisan. It was repeated ad nauseam to show he deserves to represent a purple district like ours. 

Unfortunately for us all, he is quite partisan, voting for President Donald Trump’s wishes more than 94 percent of the time.

By Davis’ own favorite metric from the Lugar Center, at 50th place, he is not the most bipartisan representative from Illinois. He is not even close to the most bipartisan representative within the Illinois Republican caucus.

In fact, he is not as bipartisan as Illinois’ own Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Cheri Bustos, a Democrat in another purple district. She ranks 39th. I find it interesting that the House chair of that campaign committee ranks as more bipartisan than him.

That is, if bipartisanship is the real goal of Davis. Of course, it isn’t.

A recent study by Utah State political science Professor Joshua Ryan ranked House committees by how partisan they are. The most partisan of all is the Committee on House Administration. The ranking Republican of that committee is Davis. Existing theory is that representatives choose committees to align with the partisan views of their district. Not so here.

Like so many of his talking points, his claim to bipartisanship is just his own spin. Our purple district needs someone who represents all of us. That’s not Davis.

Erin Ewoldt, Savoy 

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