They should make a bold move and try to move the Celebration to the lake and make the Devon Amphitheater one of the center pieces/main attractions.

The biggest of the headlining acts, of all the genres combined, could perform in the amphitheater each night. Instead of there being a ridiculous fence around the whole thing, they could just charge for those headlining acts.

You would still have your smaller stages around in certain areas, your vendors/food, and you would have the carnival just like they did for Summerstart back in the day. You’d eliminate having to stop or divert traffic downtown where so many people work that Thursday through Sunday. And you’d have a “celebration” with a beautiful lake backdrop with the potential of maybe even a firework show to end every night.

I don’t think the Celebration has to have the biggest of acts all the time. But I do think it needs to try something different. 

Jacob Wallace, Decatur

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