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LETTER: Columnist's piece full of empty words

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Derision and division rolled off the pen of Leonard Pitts (Oct. 26 Herald & Review). The founders barely stumbled upon the Declaration. Republicans and Trump supporters are un-American.

What arrogant balderdash.

There is only room for leftish Democrats in Pitt’s Marxist world, ones who push wokery, transgenderism, abortion, climate hysteria, CRT, and sic the FBI on parents questioning school boards.

Pitts writes, “…I venerate the ideals on which this country was founded.” He pontificated about belief in rule of law, freedom of speech, equality before the law too.

Empty words. Here’s why.

Innocent until proven guilty? Pitts declared Covington, Kentucky, high school student Nick Sandmann guilty of harassing a Native American following the 2019 March for Life. Evidence proved Sandmann the victim and agitator Phillips the perpetrator. Yet, Pitts continued to lie and defame Sandmann in his column. No retraction. Sandmann sued mainstream media companies for defamation, winning large settlements.

Rule of law? Where was Leonard deride-and-divide Pitts when BLM and Antifa burned cities, destroyed Black neighborhood businesses, rooted and murdered during the 2020 summer riots? Did he call on BLM and Atifa to cease using communist tactics to destroy our foundational principles? Did he call for their prosecution? Or, did he say these are “my people”?

Evidently it’s okay to jail the Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” for nine months, many without charges in solitary confinement. Most of these Americans committed no criminal act. Jailed for just being there.

Venerate the foundational ideals? No. On April 1, 2018, Pitts’ column called for banning semi-auto firearms, the majority of lawfully owned firearms in America. There goes the Second Amendment and property rights.

“For those reasons and more,” if I never read Leonard Pitts again, it will be way too soon.

Monica Seigfreid, Assumption


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