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Second Amendment opponents constantly repeat their mantra: “concealed carry is dangerous to society.” The FBI and the John Lott Crime Prevention Center have released current statistics which speak directly to this concern.

During the years 2000-2017, there were 283 active shooter events in America. A legally armed citizen was present in only 11.7 percent of those incidents. In those situations where an armed citizen was present and responded to the criminal shooter, the armed citizen successfully stopped 75.8 percent of those shooters and “reduced the probable loss of life” in an additional 18.2 percent of those incidents. This means that those concealed carriers had an overall success rate of 94 percent when providing an immediate armed response to a criminal active shooter.

And how many innocent bystanders were “slaughtered” by those “untrained” concealed carriers as they responded to the armed criminals? FBI says: zero.

Don’t look for this new study to be discussed on liberal news sites, or to be cited by liberal politicians. They are far too busy crafting legislation to disarm law-abiding Americans instead of focusing solely on the armed criminals who ignore their gun laws.

Illinois’ new leftist governor and his Chicago anti-gun colleagues need to understand that there are two distinct gun cultures in America. The first group consists of responsible, law-abiding gun owners, who are a mix of Republicans and Democrats and have proven to be a great asset to our society. The second group consists of habitually armed criminals, who never obtain a FOID card, never take Carrying a Concealed Weapon or National Rifle Association gun safety courses, always ignore the gun-free zone postings, and brazenly carry their illegally obtained weapons into every public venue.

The facts clearly prove that gun legislation should focus only on that second group, Governor.

David Browning, Mount Zion

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