Ditto to Mr. Harvey’s comment (“Council doesn’t represent people,” Oct. 10). The Decatur City Council decides not to enter the pot business and make millions but continue to tax the remaining taxpayers left in Decatur.

Spending a million dollars for a parking lot because it will have green space, isn’t there enough green space across the street in Central Park? Council says it will beautify the area, are you only interested in beautifying the areas you frequent? $1 million could have torn down a lot of abandoned houses, patched a lot of potholes, mowed a lot of overgrown city-owned lots.

Since you don’t frequent these areas, you only know them on paper. So before making these decisions that will take us into the future look, at what you’ve done in the past. Along with Mr. Harvey and many others, I also pay a hell of a lot of taxes to this city.

Taxpayers are asked for their votes to get the mayor and council into office, then it’s I don’t care what taxpayers think, it’s what I think. See you all next election time.

Thurmon Jones, Decatur 

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