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LETTER: Davis' voting record is true indicator

LETTER: Davis' voting record is true indicator

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Rep. Rodney Davis's (R-13 IL Congressional District) current TV campaign ad, claiming to work across party lines to promote lower drug costs and drug innovation, is very misleading. Co-sponsoring legislation from across the aisle is not a true indicator of bipartisanship. Davis's voting record is the true indicator, showing whether he works for his constituents or corporate America, the dark money funding his re-election. 

The Alliance of Retired Americans rates each Congressman's voting record based on 10 categories, including Lowering Drug Prices and Drug Negotiations. Davis votes NO to each category. For Jan. 2019 to Dec. 2019 Davis received a 40% Pro-Retiree score, and a lifetime Pro-Retiree score of 12%. 88% of Davis votes are against retirees and his constituents.

Davis supports H.R.19: Lower Costs, More Cures Act of 2019.

H.R.19 does not lower prescription drug costs. It requires your doctor to show you the prescription price while still in the doctor's office. Davis voted NO to H.R.3, Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which would lower drug prices. The Veterans Administration negotiates directly with drug companies. H.R. 3 also allows Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Davis says H.R. 3 would stifle drug research innovation. NOT TRUE. Big Pharma spends two to two and a half times more on advertising than research. H.R. 19 does not lower Big Pharma drug pricing.

Davis claims to be a moderate. NOT TRUE. When big issues are on the line, Davis sides with the President.

In November vote for Betsy Londrigan for U.S. representative. Truth matters. Being Right matters. Decency matters. Our Democracy matters.

Martin Williams, Decatur


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