After reading the editorial "Complex web around properties" (Sept. 1), questions arise.

First, why were these out-of-state people allowed to buy 40-50 properties and not take care of them? Second, what has happened to eminent domain possessions? Third, why can't you locate the people, fine them and convict them? Make them fix or demolish these severe safety problems and eyesores to our community.

If laws, ordinances, etc. are too lax, then write new ones and/or put more teeth into the enforcement.

Yes, it is the politicians that are at fault. They don't have the guts to clean up our community in a timely fashion. Seven years is totally too long to fix these problems. Get help from the IRS and federal agencies.

The real estate market in Decatur is down the tubes. Revitalization of the neighborhoods that can be saved has almost come to a complete stop. It's time to quit talking about these severe problems in Decatur. If politicians won't solve these problems, then it's time to replace them, including throughout the state.

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Illinois was not satisfied with being the 49th-worst state financially. They are bound and determined to lower themselves to worldwide status.

Decatur will not enforce many ordinances, so just keep on not doing what should have been done a long time ago. Just follow Madigan and his Democratic cronies' agenda: tax, tax, tax, create more freebie programs when they can't pay for the ones we already have and don't work at all.

Miore people are leaving the state because we are fed up. Start cutting your salaries, pensions and healthcare when you are not doing your jobs in the first place.

Paul Conlin II, Decatur 

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