Democrats are now attacking President Trump and Republicans daily over the border crisis. A few months ago, they kept insisting there was no border crisis. They claimed it was a manufactured crisis. But now they can no longer said it is manufactured because the evidence is undeniable. Our law enforcement agents at the border made 132,887 border apprehensions in May 2019, 3,303 higher than the same month in 2018. 

We are on track for over one million apprehensions this year. The agents on the border are overwhelmed. Democrats claim to care about women and children, yet they refuse to work with President Trump to close loopholes in our immigration laws exploited by criminals every day. Around 60,000 children have crossed the border in almost two months. Children are being used and abused by criminal cartels and women being raped, but Congress refuses to do anything to build walls or protect our border.

Remember now how most Democrats and their supporters denied there was a crisis at the border. House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler said, "There is no crisis at the border." Rep. Earl Blumenauer called the situation a phony crisis. Former Rep. Joe Scarborough, now with MSNBC, called the situation an imaginary border crisis. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer also mocked the president when he called it a crisis.

The situation at the border is terrible in part because those in power, mostly Democrats, have refused to pass laws to reduce the flow of illegal migrants. The tragic deaths and overcrowded conditions can be laid at the feet of those who refuse to do anything except slander the president. They are afraid that if they do something to solve the problem, the president will get some of the credit. The truth is they hate the president more than they love America. 

Gerald Thompson, Decatur

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