Regarding David Blair's letter ("Abortion is domestic terrorism," March 13):

In the first place no male has the right to tell any female what to do with her body. No one has the right to condemn or judge anyone. Only God has that right. For Mr. Blair today it is highly unlikely for a woman to get pregnant through the trauma of being raped, even if it was rape, it's not the body's fault. Is he a doctor? Where are the statistics regarding conception?

The comment "even if" many times people are unwilling to believe the female was raped. She must have asked for it and no one said or thinks it's the baby's fault. The fault lies with parents and society in general. Loose morals are in everything (drugs, alcohol, nicotine, THC, cocaine and heroin).

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In the paper, a 27-year-old man is killing women because he can't get a girlfriend. Egads. He doesn't want a girlfriend. He's upset because he's a virgin. Get a prostitute to pay her because they do work hard for their money.

Even Adam blamed Eve for disobeying God and he even blamed God. God took Adam's side and told Eve because thou has done this thing. She was deceived by Satan. 

Deanna Dillman, Lincoln

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