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LETTER: Don't reject invitation to heaven

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Letter to the Editor

To borrow a cliche, our present world is in a world of hurt. Indeed, since the expulsion of our original parents from God's ultimate garden, the world continues unabated in a world of hurt.

The good news- - the best news -- this "world of hurt" will forever cease when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is called by his father to bring an end to this present fallen age as almighty God ushers in an eternity of love, peace and happiness, aka heaven.

Please don't reject your personal invitation, already paid-in-full by his precious blood at Calvary.  

Of course, the self-professed wise of this world, often with academic credentials as "proof," dismissively reject our Christian hope as cartoonish pipedreams, the ultimate misinterpretation of prehistoric mix-and-match mythologies about pagan gods magically resurrected. Hence, according to these higher critics of Christianity, the prototype for the childish pipedream that eventually evolved into our crucified and resurrected lord and savior Jesus Christ. No Christ to see here, these deceived folks insist. Thus, shame on Christians for believing in fairy tales.

Fairy tales? How can one be confident that the anti-God, anti-Christ "logic" illustrated in the preceding paragraphs are in fact the real cartoonish pipedreams of these faithless folks? My Christian faith is a gift from God; however, if you are unconvinced, fair enough.

Indeed, if you're a doubting Thomas who needs physical evidence of the resurrected Jesus Christ, please research the Shroud of Turin via YouTube. Just as Christ gifted Thomas with faith via physical evidence of his scarred hands, did almighty God provide this seemingly miraculous photograph of Jesus Christ, taken after his crucifixion and at the very moment of his resurrection, for the purpose of gifting salvation faith to lost souls in these last days? Alas, almighty God works in mysterious ways.

Don Carmichael, Decatur


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