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LETTER: Embrace essence of unconditional love

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The great struggle of our era, as well as most eras, is between good and evil. And the reason the struggle is so persistent is because both sides find the other a despicable and existential threat. And they both fear, with good reason, that the other side not only wants them defeated but also obliterated. However, the struggle is not always so clear. The caveat that can change the whole discussion is a life giving attitude called love. English, unfortunately, seldom delineates the four types of love in its discussions. Here, I would like to talk about “agape love” which seeks nothing for itself but only the good of the recipient.

Many of us love our children and would likely protect them with our lives. We might do so for our spouses, parents, good friends, even some rascals. We all know that little children, despite their lovability and charm, have little concern for anyone but themselves. And such is often true of friends and family. But some have died even for those who hate them. How is that? Could it be that they love those individuals unconditionally? After a time of living we might discover that love covers a multitude of sins.

Another aspect of unconditional love is that it never demands or forces reciprocation. Agape love is foreign to this world. Indeed, it is other-worldly. To love another enough to give one’s life, to forgive yet not demand anything, is beyond human logic. But it is also the essence of many a great literary plot including the story of Jesus. Have you screwed up your life, lost hope, burnt all your bridges and made God an enemy? Investigate the words and life of Jesus Christ. He awaits, forgives and restores. And it costs you nothing.

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Al Rennert, Lovington  


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