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For years I thought that the political affiliation of any judge should not make a difference in his/her judicial rulings. The law is the law and the constitution is the fundamental basis for our governance. Judicial rulings should be based on those two pillars, not on how one feels or how one thinks it should be based on personal biases. But after watching the recent display of questioning of a Supreme Court nominee, I now realize that even though the judicial nominee may not have had any prejudice before the hearings, he/she certainly will have one after suffering through the contentious nature of them in the current political climate.

Innuendo and negative positing abound in the current opening statements on the Kavanaugh nomination hearings. And those calling for more documents are not doing so to make an informed vote. They have already decided to vote “no” and are either wanting to stall the confirmation process or are looking to find an outlier document to solidify their “no” vote.

Alan Morr, Forsyth

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