The bully pulpit session at Richland Community College was nothing more than a scheme dreamed up by the Davis campaign to avoid answering to “we the people.”

Davis has received a lot of criticism about refusing public town hall meetings where he would have to answer for his undying allegiance to an extremely corrupt and undemocratic president.

As well, state Rep. Caulkins denied voters the right to hold our elected leaders accountable, thus denying democracy to Illinoisans. The truth is, both representatives took PAC donations from the rich and devious; wealthy donors that are their only constituents. That money has bought their allegiance and ordinary Americans do not matter.

It is difficult to know if the Herald and Review purposely joined the scheme or was duped into a forum where voters were not allowed to ask questions or respond to far less than honest answers. However the H&R involved itself, it was a disservice and showed a lack of bipartisanship and interest in the public good.

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In follow-up articles by the H&R, the editorial staff referred to people screaming from the crowd. The only person I saw screaming was Caulkins when he screamed at me twice, trying to force me to leave, which I refused. Apparently, his military career gave him the idea that he could bark orders and voters would obey. The comments from me came when Caulkins went on a rant blaming Democrats for all our ills. When Caulkins tried to deny me my First Amendment rights, many folks supported me. 

Davis touted the Republican version of health care, including pre-existing conditions which would bankrupt nearly every senior citizen in America, but Davis conveniently left that part out. Davis showed his lack of character when he told the crowd the Trump did not break any laws. Davis has to go.

Mike Griffin, Decatur

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