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I was 18 when I started working in a Southern Illinois coal mine, and I put in seven years before I lost my job in a layoff. As a bottom laborer, I did whatever job the mine manager assigned me at the start of each shift. I was not allowed to cherry-pick the easy jobs and decline the hard ones.

Our congressional representative, Rodney Davis, wouldn’t have lasted a day in the mines. Davis seems to think it’s acceptable to refuse to perform essential job functions such as town hall meetings just because he doesn’t like them. He has no problem meeting with groups who are willing to make campaign contributions, but he refuses to meet with regular Joe Blow voters unless the meeting is limited to a handful of participants. He’s apparently afraid he might hear “vitriolic rhetoric” from his constituents.

I don’t think voters elected Davis to spend his time building up his million-dollar war chest. I don’t think they sent him to Washington to be a rubber stamp for Trump, but Davis votes with Trump 96 percent of the time. I think District 13 voters expect their congressional representative to be a strong voice for the working people who fund that fat paycheck and those cushy benefits. Instead, Davis is ineffective and largely silent.

I have spent enough time in overalls and a hardhat to know an empty suit when I see one. I cannot wait to vote Davis out.

June Leyerle, Champaign

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