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I could hardly believe the letter to the editor personally attacking Councilman Chuck Kuhle. The hateful author even blamed him for Decatur's inner-city's decay.

Just because you don't agree with the councilman's vote on a zoning issue doesn't give you the right to attack his character.

Chuck is a very successful, hardworking businessman who ran for city council to try to improve Decatur, not to build a resume or give himself a feeling power.

It is a thankless job and I know because I dealt with negative people every day during my eight years on the council.

Chuck is a man of integrity and the citizens of Decatur should be glad that a talented person like this agreed to serve.

God bless all people who hold public office for the right reason.

I agree there are people who get elected for their own personal gain but Chuck Kuhle is not one of them. 

Jerry Dawson, Decatur


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