Changes in how the state of Illinois approaches the ongoing budget crisis are a bit disturbing to say the least. The 19 cents a gallon gas tax increase is the first. Since we have one of the top 10 amounts of gas tax in the nation at present, it seems more than a little bit in excess especially since we, the citizens, have little assurances that it will go where it was intended. The lottery/school promises in the past would tend to cause concern.

Second, the increase in boat trailer and small utility trailers to $300 per year on each from $18 is excessive and needs to be lowered. 

Third, the $50 per vehicle yearly increase in registration fees seems to penalize those who can least afford it. (That is probably even less than the gas tax increase will.) Will it cause some to drive without liability insurance? 

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Legislators were too quick to approve the last minute bill without considering all the consequences. 

Alan Hewey, Argenta

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