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Let’s do our kids a favor and let’s change the tone in politics. Today in politics we are missing the substance of dialogue and deal-making. It’s all replaced with deadlock. Insults are flung around like a circus act.

I believe a community of connection brings out the best in people. I’m talking about our community focusing on us individually and not on general political division.

Anyway, connection is a crucial part in understanding where people come from, and it develops trust, not hatred.

Today we are polarized. Metaphorically we build political walls to separate our political affiliation from those that identify on the opposite side.

What does this mean? It defines who we are. Instead of seeing where a person's morals or values are we identify them strictly off party.

Let's change the approach how we quickly judge a political candidate or elected official and let's see where their values and morals may lay before we rush into political division and throwing insults before we even know who they are as an individual.

Hubert Murray, Decatur

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