The liberal Supreme Court played politics in not allowing the question "Are you an American citizen?" on the 2020 census. The liberal Supreme Court's 5-4 vote was unconstitutional because it was allowed many times before in past censuses.

The Supreme Court is to interpret the laws; not make them.

The liberal Supreme Court is allowing illegal aliens to be counted as American citizens, which is illegal. 

Only American citizens can give the real true amount of how many people there are living in the United States of American in the 2020 census. 

The Democrats want the illegal aliens in the 2020 census so they won't lose more seats in the Senate and House of Representatives. The Democrats use illegal aliens to illegally vote to win their elections. 

The Democrats put illegal aliens and open borders ahead of American citizens. 

The federal government is $21 trillion in debt and doesn't have enough money to take care of the American citizens. 

The American citizens' Social Security, Medicare and other benefits would run out of money if illegal aliens keep coming the United States and are allowed to stay. 

Other countries deport illegal aliens. When the illegal aliens come to the United States, they need to be deported back. 

No one is above the law and that includes illegal aliens who break laws then entering the United States then deportation is legal.

United American citizens stand or divide American citizens fall. 

George Culley, Pinckeyville

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