Was the "death angel" scourge that targeted Egyptian children, but spared Hebrew children, a God-sanctioned plan to foil the Pharaoh's enslavement program?

Was the Psalmist God's spokesman when he said "Happy is the man who takes the child of his enemy and dashes his head against a stone?"

Was General Sheridan's exterminator order, which included Indian children at Sand Creek, Colorado 1877, a deterrent to prevent a next generation uprising, or a cover story to hide the "nites (Indian children) make lice" propaganda?

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Did the separation and auction off of slave children in America serve a hidden subliminal need to dehumanize the black race?

Does taking immigrant children away from their parent spike an American psyche, similar to the ancient Hebrew perception of Egyptian children, that some children have little worth or value, little more than vermin? 

John W. McClarey, Decatur

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